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3 Ways to Store Eggs Your Chicken Just Laid


It’s one of the best feelings in life when you can just walk over to your chicken coop, reach in the nest box and pull out a freshly laid egg and have it for breakfast. It doesn’t get better than this.

No animal cruelty, just fresh eggs from happy chickens that have a great time in your coop.

But what if you don’t want to have those eggs for breakfast? Maybe you want to store it for later?

How do you make sure that these perfect eggs don’t go bad?

Well, in this article we are going to cover 3 ways you can store these eggs and avoid having them go bad.

Cleaning Your Eggs

I just found out that there’s a huge debate between whether or not you should clean the eggs before having them. Common sense says that you should clean them up because no one knows what kind of bacteria is on that egg. And even if it’s just dirt, you should clean it up.

You should follow the same procedure for when you are giving those eggs to your friends and family. And lets be honest, giving dirty eggs to them doesn’t look good. It might give them an impression that you’re not very hygienic yourself. Which we both know is not true but your friends and family might think it’s true. So avoid being put into that box.

Should You Get Rid Of the Egg Bloom Before Storing?

There’s a reason why the retailers make sure not to wash their eggs. It’s because of this very thin layer of covering on the outside of the egg that seals the tiny pores that exist on the eggshell. This slimy covering prevents bacteria from entering the egg.

That’s how the chicks are being protected when they are developing under a hen or any other incubator.

You can literally feel this slimy covering wash away when you are cleaning your eggs.

So, if you plan on storing your eggs at room temperature for a while, then I advise that you don’t wash them because you will end up getting rid of this protective layer.

But if you are going to refrigerate these eggs, then go ahead wash them.

Storing Your Chicken Eggs

We know that if we wash the eggs they’ll lose the protective covering, so now is the time to get into the different methods of storing eggs.

You have 2 options right now – store them at room temperature or keep them in the fridge.

Here’s something you weren’t expecting – you can store eggs at room temperature for up to a month before they start turning bad. And even then, if you refrigerate them, they will last even longer.

I do recommend that you consume them in under 2-3 weeks because that’s the safer time. Again, this is only for when you store them at room temperature.

Fun fact – eggs that you buy from the supermarket are usually a month old. That’s because it takes them that much time to get the eggs there on the display. That’s the reason why you have a habit of consuming all the eggs you bought within a week or they’ll go bad.

Storing Eggs In a Refrigerator

This is the best way to store your eggs and extend their shelf life.

Now, if you keep them in an airtight container, you can keep them for up to 6 months before you start seeing the egg white become watery than normal.

One idea to keep track of how long the egg has been stored is to write the date the eggs were put into the airtight container before you put them in. That way you can remember which ones to eat first during that big breakfast.

Long Term Technique To Store Eggs

Let’s say you find yourself in a situation where your chickens are laying eggs at full speed and you just can’t keep up with it, then you can just start freezing the eggs. But where most people go wrong is when they think that they just have to freeze the whole egg and they’re done with it.


You have to make sure that you are separating the egg white from the yolk.

Easiest way to do this is to crack open the eggs in a bowl and use a plastic bottle to suck up the yolks like in this video below.

You will need to practice it a couple of times but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to do this in no time.

You could also just get the spoon they have to make it even easier for you.

My recommendation would be to not freeze the eggs though because even though technically they will last longer, they just won’t taste the same once you freeze them and unfreeze them.

Do These Magic Egg Coating Help Increase the Shelf Life of Eggs?

This is how we started out actually. We were searching for the best and relatively convenient way to increase the shelf life of these eggs and we came across so many homemade solutions.

We tried a lot of these solutions like lime juice, sawdust, mineral oil, and even Vaseline, but none of them worked quite as well as just freezing them.

My personal opinion?

These solutions do work some of the time but it’s mostly a hit or miss. And you are going through more trouble that these are worth. You can instead spend half the time and get the same results by just separating the egg white and the yolk and just freezing it.

How long do freshly laid farm eggs last?

Freshly laid eggs can last up to 3-5 weeks if they are kept in the fridge or for about 1 year if they are frozen like the way we recommend above.

Is there a way to keep eggs fresh without refrigerating them?

Sure there is. This is one of the ways how we came across the homemade solutions.

The best way to ensure that your eggs aren’t going bad is to not wash the eggs so they don’t lose that protective slimy coating they have over them.

And another way is to boil each egg for 10 seconds.

But the best way is to deep freeze them.

Do you have to refrigerate fresh eggs after you wash them?

Yes. The main reason for this is when you wash the eggs they lose that thin slimy covering that fills up all the pores on the eggshell. Once they lose this covering the bacteria is then able to enter the egg. That is why it is best to refrigerate fresh eggs after you wash them just to be sure they don’t go bad.

Is there a way to tell if fresh eggs have gone bad?

The best way to test this is to put them in water and see what it does.

If the egg floats at the top then you shouldn’t eat them. If they sink to the bottom but stand, then they are not as fresh as we would prefer them to be, but you can still eat them. And if the eggs sink to the bottom and lay flat on the side, then they are still fresh.

This is the easiest way to tell whether a freshly laid egg is edible or not.

How long to fresh eggs last in the fridge?

If they are kept in the fridge until use, they can last for up to 6 months. But really, who keeps eggs for so long? Usually most people will use those eggs within a week or two. We recommend that you use all your refrigerated eggs within 3-4 weeks of refrigeration to avoid having them taste different.


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