April 28

Tips And Guidelines About Raising Chickens


There’s a lot to like when you raise your own chicken on your farm or perhaps in your backyard. Chickens are among those animals that are all the rage these days, and even if you’re not a fan, you find it interesting and truly a good one. Once you’ve decided to raise chickens, you have to make sure that you’re ready to commit.

So, if you’re a beginner or someone who wants to know more about raising chickens, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will serve as your beginner’s guide when it comes to raising chickens. The guidelines would help you do the right thing about raising chickens if you weren’t so sure about what you’re doing.

Following the tips will surely end up rewarding and satisfying.

Raising Chickens: Why Should You Do it?

At first, you just consider raising chickens a kind of hobby. But when it becomes successful, you probably want to ask for more because of that rewarding feeling. There are so many things to like about chickens, and the eggs are the real temptation. You will realize that the eggs are fresher and tastier because of your efforts than the ones you bought in any store.

The eggs that your chicken produce was also great for baking and all other good things that go into making those farm eggs. However, always remember that nothing good comes easy. There are many challenges when you raise chickens; that’s why you need to study more and understand a lot of its nature. More so, you have to consider a lot of factors to make raising chickens a success.

Tips in Raising Chickens: How to Get Started

Much as any pet does, chickens also need that care and attention. In this section, you will get tips on raising chickens and ensuring that your chicken will grow successfully.

Start with Mature Birds or Chicks Instead of Eggs

Surely, it’s exciting to think that your first batch of chickens came from eggs. However, it’s easier, to begin with, healthy chicks. Although hatching your own is something you really wish to consider, perhaps you should allow yourself to be familiar with chickens' health and behavior.

Feeding and Watering

One of the best feelings in the world is having that box of chicks in your home. Though they may be too small, you have to consider that they need to eat and consume water. Chicks are usually dry and fluffy when they arrive a day or two; that’s why they need to eat desperately and also rehydrate. While most chicks know what to do immediately, it’s still important to monitor them as they too can get weak to figure it out.

Once they are all rehydrated and back to normal, if you are someone who has kids, they will want to feed the chicken what they ate for lunch or dinner. It makes sense because they want their pets to eat the same food as they do.

So what if they ate pizza for dinner that night?

Can chickens eat pizza?

Yes! In fact, you would be surprised at some of the craps that these cute little birds can eat. From spaghetti to porridge they can eat almost everything you can eat.

Always go for Dual-Purpose Chicken Breeds

Chickens have two categories: laying breeds and meat breeds. And if you’re a beginner, perhaps you’re not that sure which among the two breeds to choose. Just some advice, choose the breed that lays a reasonable number of eggs while having that adequate meat production if you come with another rooster or hen that can’t lay. 

Furthermore, dual-purpose chickens are known to be more self-sufficient than specific breeds.


If you want to raise chickens, you must always see that they have that protection from predators. Chickens are at risk of attacks from other animals, whether big or small. Make sure you always lock the chickens in their coop at night. And if you consider removing predators, kindly check first with your federal laws or local, as some may be protected and endangered.

Keep it Natural

As your purpose in raising chickens is to let them grow, you must stay as natural as possible. Perhaps make some chicken adventure that will not complicate things out. So how to keep things natural in raising chickens? 

Here are the things you need to know:
  • Avoid using chemicals in cleaning the coop; instead, use homemade and natural solutions.
  • Don’t leave them under lights for so long just to force them to lay. You just have to let them do so on their own.
  • To keep them healthy, feed them with crushed eggshells to help them with supplement intake.
  • Don’t purchase expensive chicken equipment. Do it your own, as it’s very easy and saves a lot of money.

Keep a Tidy Place

You must put in mind that dirty nesting will end up having dirty hatched eggs. That’s why you have to prevent this from happening and start by keeping your chicken’s nesting place clean all the time. If possible, do it regularly to prevent much bigger tasks. The same goes for your chicken’s coop; cleanliness must always be maintained.


Depending on your style of raising, chickens can be easy or complicated to deal with. But if you know how to do it right, probably raising chickens would just be a piece of cake. If you have the energy, you can monitor your chickens daily and protect them from possible dangers.

Without extra efforts, the chickens your raise may be at risk. They deserve that care and affection since you’re raising them on your own. The chickens are not only your source of food because of the eggs they hatch, but they can also be your source of inspiration to learn and improve your skills in raising animals.


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