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Wooden Chicken Coop Plans


So, at last, you got some time outside your "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" or this quarantine made you believe in DIYs, or are you just Instagram pressured?

Now that you have come this far, searching for the best chicken coop plans, we are at your service.

Enough talking, let's get serious for a while (or maybe not). Activities should be fun right? That's exactly what the office H.R. said. Déjà Vu!

No, seriously, we need to work. Now that you are working from home, so your hens and chickens too deserve a home, or else your situation also might turn into that of Animal Farm, but in real life. Again, seriously, we need to work.

Before we start with the ideas, you need to know some ABCD of coops. We have listed them below. So please take a deep breath and let's get started.

The ABCD's of Chicken Coops:

  1. 1
    A Big House: Your chickens would hate to live in a closed-up space, and they require enough space to roam around, pecking here and there. Of course, don't choose your balcony for such a purpose, but instead, choose a garden. Remember, your chickens and hens would be growing up, and they definitely don't want them to fight over spaces.
  2. 2
    Keep The Enemies Away: Just like us, they also need a peace of mind. They literally can't be afraid all the time and be always aware when their enemies are going to attack (like in many places, where certain community people are so scared of another community people for some silly and severe reasons). Make sure to make boundaries around the coops.
  3. 3
    Ventilation: Please don't suffocate them like your toxic ex. Give them enough air to breathe. And this point is linked with the first one- larger space, greater the ventilation.
  4. 4
    Remember, Cleaning: Please keep in mind that they can’t clean their own sh**s. It would be best if you did that, every day, for them. Throw away the old hay and place new ones, along with clean food utensils.
  5. 5
    Protection From The Environment: As much as they would like to enjoy the fresh air, they also need protection from the external environment. Try to make the coops as covered as possible and keep it warm and airy as per the season. Basically, make them comfortable.
  6. 6
    A Proper Location: Just because they can't speak and show their disapproval, doesn't mean you will keep them wherever you want. Pick up a dry, sunny spot with a shade on the top, and definitely, near your reach so that you can always keep an eye on them. Check beforehand, how your location works round the clock.
  7. 7
    Make A Plan: Nothing goes ahead without a plan (except vacations-oh no! you too need plans for that). Decide the measures and the materials you are going to use. Don't just buy the wood, screws and everything beforehand, and sit clueless with the instruction manual in your hand.Try not to get the materials online, because sometimes you cannot estimate the measures and the quality and that might ruin your entire plan.
P.S.: When you are doing the interior decors, don't forget to put some playing items for them, for instance, a swing, or a playhouse so that they don't just sit idle and lay eggs for you. They also need a life even though the coops are a quarantine house too.

Now, that we got the faint idea of how to proceed with our chicken coop plans, let's get started with the ideas. Don't panic; we have listed different levels; from easy to hard, and we are sure you are going to find the perfect one for your pals.

Want a Simple Chicken Coop Building Guide & Not Spend Hundreds of Dollars?

Here's a guide to build an affordable, but attractive chicken coop in your backyard without spending a ton of money!

1. The Box

Level: Easy

This is literally the most common and easy DIY coop idea. You can build this up on your backyard where there is enough grass to form a soft bed. Or you can also put a thick layer of hay to protect your chickens from the cold or warmth coming from the ground.

This idea is only advisable for the areas where there is less rain as well as less cold because as you can see this is made of wood and metal nets. If it's too sunny, then make a shade above and cover the four walls during winters.

2. The Red House

Level: Intermediate

Even though it is not easy to make, but definitely one of the famous ideas (even Hollywood uses this chicken coop for their farm sketches). You will find the building instructions on where the website has provided step by step straightforward ways to build this up. Don't get frustrated if you can't do it in the first time, calm yourself down and take deep breathe!

The dimension is 8*3.5 feet and can hold up to 7 chickens.

3. Cottage House

Level: Easy to Intermediate

A cute, little cottage for the fewer chickens. The coop looks homely and will make your backyard prettier. The 4*4 feet dimension will provide a cozy environment with all around the seasons.

Ideal for a maximum of 4 chickens. And as you can see in the picture, it is raised from the ground, so you don't need to worry about their enemies. They can fight them from their level apartment.

4. The Fancy House

Level: Intermediate to difficult

Don't lie; even you want to stay here. Look how pretty it is. I cannot stress enough on this if you already an expert in the field and just want to level up the game.

You can find out the step-by-step procedure on, and they will list out every material and where to find them. Put on a lamp outside their door so that you can visit them during the night time as well. By the way, don't forget to knock the door first!

5. Puppy House

Level: Intermediate to difficult

Do you remember the little puppy money storing house when we were kids? Yes, the coop masters just took the idea from there and placed it here. The 5*4 feet dimension is perfect for at least five chickens- one family will get a nice home and another will drown in nostalgia.

6. Crib House

Level: Easy

Did your kid grow up and doesn't give attention to whatever you say nowadays? One way of venting out the anger is to throw away their crib. Just kidding, no, don't throw it away.

Rather use it for your DIY summer coop house idea. Cover the crib with a net on one side and wood on the other three sides. Make a slot for their stairs to come out to take some fresh air.

Make a door on one side so that you don't have to say "Oh no! How do I clean now?” Also, do not forget the roof. A cheap way of keeping your "that 2 chickens are roaming around in your backyard."

So, these are a few wooden chicken coop ideas which you can use to tick off the most awaited goal on your bucket list. Building a coop house is not only about making a home for your little chickens but also a great way of spending the family time.

Happy Building!

Want a Simple Chicken Coop Building Guide & Not Spend Hundreds of Dollars?

Here's a guide to build an affordable, but attractive chicken coop in your backyard without spending a ton of money!


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