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Learn about chickens, how to keep them healthy and happy in your backyard so they can lay more eggs for you.

Pamper them with the best chicken coops so they feel like they are well taken care of.

On this website we talk about everything, from how to build the best chicken coop by yourself to what to feed your chickens to make sure they are healthy and how to keep them safe from predators.

Not just that, we also talk about the problems you might face - things like your chickens getting ill or having parasites. So you learn about these before you face them so you know what to do in those situations.

With us guiding you through every step, you'll be an expert chicken coop builder in no time

Our goal here is to help you with everything - from the basics of how you should build your first basic chicken coop to building an intricate and complex chicken coop that will look like another house for your hens. It's an art that once you master it, it will stay with you forever.

But not just that. We want to make sure that you are well taken care of. Obviously you are interested in building a chicken coop because you want to farm chickens and get your own eggs. So we cover everything you need to know about making sure that your chicken are healthy and living in a safe environment. 

We talk about precautions you can take to prevent predators like cats, weasels, and even mice from entering the coop and harming your chickens. Not just that, if you live in a flood prone area, we have specific recommendations about how you should build your coop to make sure that it doesn't drown.

On top of that, you also have to think about the moisture. If there's too much moisture, your chicken's droppings will start causing issues. We talk about how you can deal with those things and have less moisture. Mr Chicken Coop is basically the ONLY website you'll ever need to visit to learn about everything you need to farm chickens.

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